Original Denim Sewing Machines

Our Mornington Peninsula workshop is made up of a collection of denim and workwear specific sewing machines. Each machine has been carefully selected for its specific purpose in the making process.

Our workshop is located in an industrial estate, on the Mornington Peninsula.

The space combines part denim workshop and part vintage car and motorcycle space.

We have over 15 period correct vintage sewing machines - each of which has its own history. They have been carefully sourced from old denim factories, private collections or dusty sheds.  

Each machine has been either restored or partly rebuilt to operate as they were originally designed.


Main machines used in the denim making process:


  • Singer 31k 32 - Single needle

Used for top stitching and sewing long seams to join panels.

  • Singer 112w 114 - Twin needle

Top stitch where two rows of stitch are used in parallel.

  • Reece 101 - Keyhole buttonhole

Sews a keyhole buttonhole and cuts though after sewing. Sews fly buttonholes.

  • Union Special 51800 - Chainstitch waistband

Up to four needle chainstitch set up with a folder. Attaches waistband.

  • Union Special 52700 - Belt loop

Twin needle cover stitch machine set up with cutting blade and folder. Cuts, folds and makes beltloop.

  • Singer 81k 73 – Overlocker

Finishes a raw edge to stop fraying.

  • Chandler 678 – Darner

Free arm darning machine, used to repairs rips and holes in garments.

  • Brother DT6 - Feed off the arm

Up to three needle chain stitch, set up with lapped seam folder. Used to sew yolk to back panels, and join centre back.

  • Brother LK3 – Bartack

Adjustable zig zag stitch. Used to reinforce areas of strain and secure beltloops.