Cool People Doing Cool Shit.

This is what we are loving at the moment. All the good things, cars, bikes, clothes (of course) and coffee. Here in Australia, independent and producing the goods.

We love people doing awesome things, making, roasting, painting and selling. Here's a few of our favs that we are digging what they are doing.





Soft tailoring and bags made to order and made in Melbourne. Great textiles paired with thoughtful design.


Troy O'Shea

Hand made caps from beautiful fabrics, on amazing old swing machines, which we love. Can not get enough of what Troy does. 


Will + Bear

Making felt hats from contemporary blocks, resulting in beautiful hats that are easy to wear.


Wootten Boots

Kris and Jesse are making some of the best boots on the market. Their Ballarat factory produces all their leather goods, from belts to boots and even the laces. Pretty sweet huh.




Disciple Coffee

Nicest coffee shop in Melbourne, whilst roasting and brewing to sweetest cups of coffee. Black coffee only at this backstreet coffee bar, espresso, batch and pour overs have you covered. Also firing their own ceramics out back, the dream.


Velos Mazah Musette Coffee

Best little spot for a cup a coffee on the Mornington Peninsula. The owner might comes across a little gruff but he's a gentle dude, who knows his way around his red La Marzocco firetruck. Don't be scared to go off piste with your coffee order.