Step 1

Initial consultation

The initial consultation can occur in the workshop or via phone. During the consultation we discuss the garment you would like made and how you would like to wear your garment e.g., styles and fit, and
any other considerations.

If the initial consultation occurs in
the workshop, we can proceed with step 2, 3 and 4 straightaway. If it occurs over the phone, a face-to-face appointment is required either in the workshop or offsite by arrangement.

Step 2

Denim selection

You select the denim you would like for your bespoke garment.

We offer a range of Japanese selvedge denim in different weights and colours, as well as a small range of non-selvedge denim.

Each denim has its own unique shade, texture and handle which can be suited to your individual garment.

Step 3

Thread and hardware  

You select the thread colour used for
stitching and the button and rivet design and finish.

We use 100% cotton sourced directly
from the maker in Japan. The thread is made in beautiful shades of classic
topstitching colours, replicating vintage denim from the 50’s. We love how this cotton fades over time with the denim.

We have a range of buttons and rivets colours, finishes and styles.

You can also select your pocket style, depth and pocket bag material.

step 4

Measurements + fit

A series of measurements are taken of your body size and shape. These measurements form the foundation for your bespoke pattern, which is drafted by hand, and kept as a permanent record.

For bespoke jeans you can try on a
range of different size and fit samples to help determine the leg width, length and rise height you would like for your garment.

step 5

Bespoke pattern

Using your measurements and configuration an individual cardboard pattern is drafted and cut by hand. This is thefoundation of your bespoke garment and is used to make your fitting and final piece.

Your pattern is altered during the
fitting stage (#6.) to reflect any adjustments.

Your pattern is a permanent record that can be used to re-order, replicating the exact size and fit of your original garment.

Step 6


The fitting is a semi completed garment that is cut and sewn in your chosen denim and thread.

It has extra fabric allowing for
adjustments to fit and balance. Pockets are temporarily handstitched in place to assess placement and proportion, and a temporary canvas waistband is used.

You will need to try on your fitting in-person for final adjustments before the garment can be completed.

Most garments require only one fitting, however a second can be arranged if required.

Step 7

Finished Garment

Your bespoke garment is made by hand using the knowledge gathered during steps 1-6. After adjustments are made, we complete the garment with your selected threads, rivets, buttons and finish.

No bespoke garment leaves the Everwear Denim workshop until you are completed satisfied.

The real journey now begins as you wear you bespoke garment.