Hand Crafted

A unique pair of jeans which reflect their owner in every way. From cut and fit, to fabric and design. The perfect pair of jeans cut and made for you, by a Savile Row Tailor.

The bespoke process involves a collaboration between you and Everwear Denim to design and make a garment that is individually crafted for you. 


The process ensures an ultimate fit for your body figuration, with your unique pattern cut and saved for future record. The selection of denim, thread, trims, fit and finish is entirely up to you, with guidance from Everwear. 


The bespoke design allows you the extra level of personalisation and the quality of our garments speak for themselves when you are enjoying them for a lifetime.


Prices start at $700+GST for a bespoke pair of jeans and $1200+GST for denim jackets.  

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Cut By Hand