When making Everwear garments we are aware of the impact each garment has on the environment and try our best to reduce our impact at every stage.


Guaranteed Garments

Our garments are guaranteed - we stand by what we make and how we make it. We use the best quality materials and processes however natural wear and tear are inevitable. We are passionate about the longevity of clothing and want you to wear your Everwear garments for life. We offer free repairs on all Everwear garments (see repair terms). This keeps you loving and wearing your favourite pair of jeans and reduces garments in landfill.

Locally made

We make all our denim garments locally in our Mornington Peninsula factory. Manufacturing locally enables us to have full control over the conditions in which our clothes are made and sold.

What we can’t make ourselves, we try and get made locally. Our beanies are knitted in a workshop 5 minutes around the corner. 



The longer we wear each piece of clothing, the more we reduce our clothing footprint. Investing in good quality clothing will last longer due to the superior construction and fabric. When we invest in clothing both time and money will build connections, and

We will repair, alter and darn your clothes so you can continue to wear them. Keeping garments out of landfill is important.


High quality materials

We use the best quality raw denim in the world, selecting fabrics which are robust to begin with creates garments to survive the hardest wear and tear.

We prefer raw denim, over washed and processed this reduces the need for excessive washing, drying, dying and use of chemicals that are used to create a distressed denim look.

Good quality material extends the longevity of every Everwear garment. 

We use 100% cotton thread (rather than cotton polyester), not only does this fade better we prefer to use 100% natural fibres so when the time does come for this garment to break down, it is 100% natural garment.

Our beanies are made from 100% merino wool




Plastic free packaging

We use recycled paper bags as the only packaging in our jeans, and if we need to post we opt for compostable mailer bags to keep your items dry in in the post but the can still naturally breakdown in 180 days in your compost bin!

We are constantly looking for ways improve our environmental sustainability to reduce our impact.    


A few other things to consider.

We love buying vintage and second-hand clothes. Trawling car boot, thrift store, op shop, eBay, marketplace, Marrkt, there are just so many great options we’d love to talk about these with you.

Wash and dry our clothes less. This works two-fold, better for the environment and better for your clothes.